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    aktuell covers
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    For years now, BVG and DB have covered train and metro wagons with a specially designed film which was intended to facilitate the removal of paintings. These films, which are applied to the metal surface, simplify and facilitate the cleaning staff’s work. Their use has significantly reduced the time and cost of removing graffiti from trains and metros, so that in 2017, the life expectancy of a panel generally oscillates from a few hours to a week.

    The #aktuell hashtag is often associated with German trainwriting. An Instagram post with this caption depicts a panel photographed in that specific moment from the platform. The emphasis is thus placed on the present moment, to formalize the added value of spontaneity, in a society that lives in a hectic pace of updates and overwriting.

    In this sense, our intention is to give back to the graffiti, and therefore to its author, the universal value of an intrinsic nature in the gesture self-affirmation, the value which is taken away from it the moment it gets washed off.

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  • al taglio
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    Al taglio


    Al Taglio is a huge pizza with more than 70 portions, cooked by us in a special way, with our own recipe. The only goal was for friends and family to enjoy it the same way we have done, from the first bite to the last.

    Each of these portions have a different taste. There are salted portions but also sweet ones, some taste like glory or victory and others taste as defeat and fatigue. Each of those bites bring unique and different feelings according to the taste, because the taste is a personal perception.  Above all, you must not forget that although the ingredients vary or the baking time is longer, the dough will always be the same.

    That who runs fast will not run for long.


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